Business Back Office Services

Benefits of Virtual Accounting through Business Back Office 

  • Business Back Office takes over the paperwork portion of paying your bills and keeps track of your business' revenue and expenses. By connecting through the internet to both you and your banks, BBO can act as a virtual accounting department for you. It is as if we were in the office next door from a functional point of view.

  • BBO administers your payroll. Either checks or direct depositing are available. All required payroll tax returns, deposit coupons W2's and 1099's prepared are included.

  • BBO monitors your bank accounts (read only) through on line banking and works closely with you to ensure that all costs and expenses are accounted for and all reconciliations are completed. A key benefit that BBO brings is the ability to electronically monitor your cash in real time.

  • BBO has experience in many industries including construction, retail financial services and professional organizations such as lawyers and real estae firms. Let BBO be your accounting office for a reduced price of an in-house bookkeeper.

  • BBO can increase the quality of job and business costing information to you with just a simple phone call.

  • BBO works closely with banks and other lenders to make sure that loan proceeds are properly recorded and that bank fund control issues are properly addressed. All loans are reconciled as draws are made so that the builder always knows where he stands in terms of the budget for the job and money borrowed from banks.

  • BBO also offers full income tax preparation. You can expect to pay less for tax preparation because of the completeness and accuracy of your books. Full tax and audit representation before the IRS or the Franchise Tax Board is available to help you.


Please call us for a personalized quote. We tailor our services to meet your needs.

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